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Bloomberg fjallar um málsókn vegna verðtryggðs fasteignaláns

Í gær fjallaði Bloomberg um málsókn vegna verðtryggðs láns sem HH standa að baki og möguleg áhrif þess ef málið vinnst fyrir dómstólum. Í grein Bloomberg segir meðal annars:

"Iceland’s banks are facing $3.3 billion in additional writedowns as the nation’s biggest homeowner protection group throws its weight behind borrowers suing their lenders for indexing mortgages to inflation.

Banks, which lost a similar case in 2010 for linking loans to foreign exchange rates, have already forgiven $2.1 billion in debt since Iceland’s 2008 crisis wiped out its financial industry. In two separate lawsuits, banks are now being sued for selling inflation-linked loans that allegedly clash with European Economic Area laws banning unfair terms in consumer contracts.

Vilhjalmur Bjarnason, chairman of the Homes Association in Reykjavik, which represents 10 percent of Iceland’s homeowners, is urging the courts to correct the injustice to borrowers he says followed a 2008 krona slump that sent inflation soaring as high as 19 percent. Gains in the consumer price index have added as much as 400 billion kronur ($3.3 billion) to private debt burdens, Bjarnason said in an interview."

Varðandi lögmæti verðtryggingar segir í greininni:  “We’re in no doubt that the way the inflation indexation has been carried out is illegal, Bjarnason said. The case is due to be heard by the District Court of Reykjavik later this month, he said."

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