Stuðningur frá bankamanni í Kanada

Við fengum þetta bréf frá Tom Jefferson í Kanada. Hann styður greiðsluverkfallið og gefur hér sínar ástæður fyrir því. Þess má til gamans geta að ein af frelsishetjum, mannréttindafrömuðum og fyrrum forsetum Bandaríkjanna hét Thomas Jefferson. Hans er helst minnst fyrir þátt hans í að semja stjórnarskrá lýðveldisins.

Mortgage Striker Support
"I am Canadian and a great friend of your beautiful country. I have visited the island 5 times and even read Egill's Saga without having nightmares :-)

I am a retire Director of an Investment Bank. Like approximately 98% of people who work in banking (and 99.9% of the general population) I never truly understood how money is created, the act of bringing it into existence, and certainly did not understand the confusing issues of Fractional Reserve Lending, but since retirement 9 years ago I decided to find out this mystery. I highly recommend this field of study to all, for our ignorance of this money scam is quickly enslaving the world.

The purpose of this post, entitled, 'Mortgage Striker Support', is to offer my highest praise and encouragement to any and all of you who are participating in this activity. You are indeed the true patriots of Iceland, and I assure you, Egill would be proud of all of you indeed!

What I learned about money creation is that it is a total scam; this fiat, debt-based, coloured paper that is backed by nothing other than the global banker elites who are taking over the world. Ultimately, real money is a call on our labour and for it to be honest it must be born out of labour and have real value within the economy, which is why gold and silver are still money today.

The banksters will say otherwise and have a great list of reasons why gold and silver can never again be used as currency, but the bottom-line reason is they can not steal value from it, and that is their mission in life - taking the value of our labour, seizing the assets, country by country, until they become the undisputed global rulers.

I know very well how proud and reputable Icelanders are as a people. If I lent you $100 or 100 euros, almost every one of your countrymen would honour and repay that debt. That moral value is deeply inbred from years of respecting each others promises - "a promise made is a debt unpaid" type of thinking. This is because you know very well the labour that is required to "earn a living", you know how hard life can be.

But what if the money I lent you was magic money - money that I created out of toilet paper; money that the value kept disappearing from, so that you could never earn enough to repay me and rather had to always return to borrow more and more and get ever-deeper into debt? How would you feel about that? Would you still feel obligated or would you feel betrayed and deceived? I think that Egill, when he would learn of such a trick, would have grabbed his broad axe and chopped off my head, and rightly so.

You see the current money system is funny money - magic money where the value always disappears. This is called inflation that so few people really understand. We believe we need banks because we think they have money to lend us - they do not. They only have the ability to create money out of thin air, and it is always given as debt where we have to pay interest or years of hard labour to try and catch up to the amount that the banksters created out of thin air in the first place, and we have to always run faster and faster on the work treadmill, as the value of the money always disappears into the bankster's pockets, while the costs and expenses of living keep increasing.

It is truly a scam, a world wide scam and all countries, not just Iceland, need an honest money system. The only way it can be honest is if the banks are taken out of existence, or their roles changed dramaticlly. We don't need them, and by keeping them, we perpetuate the slave system they have created.

How do we get rid of them? We stop playing their game. We stop paying the debt. We refuse to give our labour to pay back magic money, and this is what the Icelandic mortgage strike can accomplish. To all of you doing this, I say, Bravo!! You are the true patriots of Iceland and it is likely up to you whether Iceland returns into the hands of the people, or gets handed over to the banksters, and you become serfs and slaves in the country that Egill loved.

I salute your efforts and want you to know there are many, many people in the world who are on your side and right now, sending you love and support.

Tom Jefferson

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