Financial indexation

Domestic resources:

The Homes Association - About financial indexation and implications for the Icelandic mortgage market

EFTA Surveillance Authority, Case No 79870 - Complaint by the Homes Association concerning consumer loans in Iceland

Ministry of economic affairs - Act No. 38/2001 on interest and price indexation

Statistics Iceland - Indices for indexation from 1979

Larissa Kyzer - Shadow Boxing With The Banks [PDF] The Reykjavík Grapevine

Ólafur Margeirsson, PhD.:

The Great Icelandic Jubilee [PDF] The Reykjavík Grapevine

Icelandic Indexation

Icelandic Indexation, Part II

Jacky Mallett, PhD.:

Index linked loans (presentation)

Robbery by Math [PDF] - The Reykjavík Grapevine

An examination of the effect on the Icelandic Banking System of Verðtryggð Lán (Indexed-Linked Loans)

Indexation and consumer protection:

Maria Elvira Méndez-Pinedo. Overview of European consumer credit law - Protection of consumers with foreign currency mortgages in the aftermath of the Icelandic crisis. Reasearch in Social Sciences, University of Iceland 2010.

European University Institute. Domurath, Comparato, Micklitz (editors). The over-indebtedness of European consumers : a view from six countries. Iceland (chapter by M. Elvira Méndez Pinedo and Irina Domurath).

M. Elvira Mendez-Pinedo. The cost of credit in Iceland under european judicial review: may legality and transparency justify unfairness? Swedish journal of European law nr. 2/2014.*

M. Elvira Mendez-Pinedo. Indexation of consumer and mortgage credit in Iceland in 2014. A Critical battle between legality, fairness and legitimacy. International Journal of Finance & Banking Studies, Vol 3, No 04 (2014).

M. Elvira Mendez-Pinedo. Iceland: Indexation of Credit and the Fairness Test in European Consumer Law. Journal of Consumer Policy, December 2014.

Maria Elvira Méndez Pinedo. Iceland’s New Plan for Debt Relief: Jubilee or Waiting for Godot? European Journal of Risk Regulation, Issue 4, 2014.*

M. Elvira Mendez-Pinedo, Iceland, the EFTA Court and the indexation of credit to inflation: operating in nature ex-post but need to calculate and disclose ex-ante. A law of contradiction? Juridical Tribune, Volume 6, Special Issue, October 2016.

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International resources:

Wikipedia - Indexation

Wikipedia - Inflation-indexed bond

Wikipedia - Inflation derivative

FRB Richmond, Economic Review 1974 - The Concept of Indexation in the History of Economic Thought

FRB Richmond, Economic Review 1974 - Indexation as a Response to Inflation: An Examination

Werner Baer, Paul Beckerman - Indexing in Brazil

Paul Beckerman - Index-linked financial assets and the Brazilian "inflation feedback" mechanism

Werner Baer, Paul Beckerman - The trouble with index-linking: Reflections on the recent Brazilian Experience

Larry Samuelson - Inflation, indexing and economic development

NBER wp no. 670, Stanley Fischer - Indexing and inflation

NBER wp no. 10183, Robert J. Shiller - The Invention of Inflation-Indexed Bonds in Early America

OECD Economic Surveys: Iceland 1981-1982 - Annex II Indexation of Financial Assets

IMF wp no. 90/20, Peter K. Cornelius, Duncan M. Ripley - Monetary Indexation and Revenues from Money Creation: The Case of Iceland [PDF]

Also published in IMF Staff Papers Vol 37 No 4 (December 1990)

IMF Staff Country Report no. 95/47 - Iceland, Recent Economic Developments [PDF]

Appendix IV Financial Indexation and Interest Rates in Iceland

IMF wp no. 97/12, Robert T. Price - The Rationale and Design of Inflation-Indexed Bonds [PDF]

Marco Bonomo, René Garcia - Indexation, staggering and disinflation

Banco Central de Chile series vol. 2 - Indexation, Inflation and Monetary Policy

Banco Central de Chile wp no. 261 - Dedollarization, Indexation and Nominalization: The Chilean Experience

UK Debt Management Office - Research papers on index-linked debt

United States Treasury - Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)

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