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National statistics about almost everything in Iceland, largely available in english as well.

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Statistics series

Satistics database

Selected publications:

Iceland in figures 2014

Statistical Yearbook of Iceland 2014

Hagskinna, historical statistics handbook

Wages, income and labour market

Prices and consumption

Statistics: Consumer Price index

Statistics: Courts

Household finances:

Statistics: Household finances

Financial status of households 2004-2009

Household finances 2004-2010

Household finances 2011

Disposable income and housing cost 2011

Housing cost overburdens 11% of the population

Household finances 2012

The housing cost burden 2004-2013

Household expenditure survey:

Household expenditure survey 2001-2003

Household expenditure survey 2002-2004

Household expenditure survey 2003-2005

Household expenditure survey 2004-2006

Household expenditure survey 2005-2007

Household expenditure survey 2006-2008

Household expenditure survey 2007-2009

Household Expenditure survey 2008-2010

Household Expenditure survey 2009-2011

Household expenditure survey 2010-2012

Risk of poverty:

Risk of poverty and income distribution 2003-2004

Risk of poverty and income distribution 2003-2005

Risk of poverty and income distribution 2003-2006

Risk of poverty and income distribution 2004-2009

Risk of poverty and income distribution 2010

Risk of poverty and income distribution 2011

Risk of poverty and income distribution 2012

Risk of poverty and income distribution 2013

Social indicators:

Social indicators: Tenants renting at market rates

Social indicators: Material deprivation 2004-2013

Social indicators: Material deprivation 2014

Social indicators: Children and poverty


The impact of Financial Crises on the CPI. Paper by  Rósmundur Guðnason and Guðrún R. Jónsdóttir presented at the 11th meeting of the International Working Group on Price Indices (The Ottawa Group), Neuchâtel, Switzerland, 27-29 May 2009. Presentation (PPT).

Liabilities, assets and net worth of individuals 1997-2011

External migration by sex and citizenship 1961-2013

Financial accounts 2003-2013

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