The Central Bank of Iceland (CBI)

Most if not all of the data and reports published by the Central Bank are available in english.

English section of website:

Key publications:


Monetary Bulletin

Financial Stability report

Working Papers

Rules No. 492/2001 on Price Indexation of Savings and Loans [PDF]


Crisis responses to a housing bust and households’ debt problems. Stockholm, 15 November 2013 T. Tjörvi Ólafsson. [PDF]

Quantification of troubled debt and policy responses - Lessons from Iceland. Nicosia, 27 - 28 January 2014 T. Tjörvi Ólafsson. [PDF]

Working papers:

Working Paper no. 5 - Financial indexation and interest rate policy in Iceland [PDF]

Working Paper no. 29 The residential housing market in Iceland: Analysing the effects of the recent mortgage market restructuring [PDF]

Working Paper no. 59 - Households' position in the financial crisis in Iceland [PDF]

Working Paper no. 66 - Icelandic boom and bust: Immigration and the housing market [PDF]

Working Paper no. 67 - A Dynamic Factor Model for Icelandic Core Inflation [PDF]

Articles from Monetary Bulletin:

2003/2-8 - Financial indexation and fixed interest rates [PDF]

2002/2-R1: Has the public sector kindled household debt accumulation? [PDF]

2003/2-R2: The impact of interest rate changes, inflation and exchange rate changes on household and business finances [PDF]

2003/4-R3: Changes to housing finance arrangements and their impact on financial stability [PDF]

2003/4-R5: The housing component of the CPI and monetary policy [PDF]

2003/4-2V1: Iceland’s national debt [PDF]

2004/1-4V: The foreign debt position of commercial and savings banks and systemic reforms [PDF]

2004/3-R2-1: The impact on the CPI of changes in the housing finance market [PDF]

2004/3-R4-1: An international comparison of household debt [PDF]

2004/3-R4-2: Household debt and the planned extension of public housing finance [PDF]

2004/3-R4-3: Sound practices in foreign currency liquidity management [PDF]

2004/4-4: Housing support and public housing funds in Iceland and abroad [PDF]

2004/4-R2-1: Main changes in the housing market in 2004 [PDF]

2005/1-V4: What mortgage options are currently available to homebuyers? [PDF]

2007/1-FS: Household overdrafts [PDF]

2007/2-FS: Development of household borrowing 2004-2007 [PDF]

2008/2-R4-2: The housing market in a global context [PDF]

2009/4-R4-1: Developments in house prices: Different calculation methods point in the same direction [PDF]

2010/2-R3-1: Real estate market developments [PDF]

2011/2-R3-1: Housing bubbles [PDF]

2011/4-R3-1: Housing owned by the Housing Financing Fund and the banks [PDF]

2012/2-R3-1: The Icelandic rental market [PDF]

2013/2-R4-1: Payments to households in the wake of the financial crisis [PDF]

2014/1-A2: The economic impact of the Government's household mortgage relief measures [PDF]


Economic Affairs no. 1 - Indexation and monetary policy [PDF]

Economic Affairs no. 6 - Indexation 101 [PDF]

In Danish / På dansk : Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift, Bind 120 (1982)

Bjarni Bragi Jónsson - Indeksering af finansielle fordringer i Island [PDF]

Articles from Economic Statistics Quarterly:

This publication has not been made available online by the Central Bank of Iceland but for your convenience we have obtained copies of selected articles and made reprints available here in electronic form.

1982/02 Vol. 3 No. 1: Indexation in the Banking System

1982/02 Vol. 2 No. 1: Economic Measures and Policy Actions in January

1984/08 Vol. 5 No. 3: Novelties in Monetary Management in Iceland

1988/08 Vol. 9 No. 3: Developments of Real Interest Rates

1991/05 Vol. 12 No. 2: Financial Indexation in Iceland

1995/02 Vol. 16 No. 1: Changes in the Indexation Regime

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